Stale issues

Link Title
73183 Removal of frontend simulation in all ViewHelpers
66855 Format/HtmlViewHelper don't render Links in TYPO3_MODE = BE
71361 fluid link.typolink crashes in Backend with page links
84376 Drop $GLOBALS['SOBE'] in NewRecordController
67556 System news cannot render RTE content
87072 Make locking configurable
85781 Cannot save [HTTP][proxy]
85607 Render deferred thumbnails in file list module
24737 backend_layout not workspace compatible
60549 Get GeneralUtility::getIndpEnv in ContentObjectRenderer mockable
83443 Limit length of details in system info box
82221 Copying records with "flex" fields containing FAL IRRE relations fails to move copies to new parent upon workspace publishing
77743 Change return doc of Enumeration::cast from Enumeration to self
84262 [FEATURE] Update felogin to extbase