Stale issues

Link Title
56982 files copied for local processing are not deleted
75017 Search for relations in backend
82004 Missing hooks in PageLayoutView
77581 List module: Add preview button for records
75309 Add image manipulation (crop) to filelist itself and edit original image
81757 EXT:Fluid UriViewHelper needs escapeOutput = false;
19114 sys_language_mode does not work
51920 Unable to change language in CLI mode with the current localization utility
82404 Improve enumeration usage
82477 Change Cache Backend while current request
82196 Can no longer configure diverging templateRootPaths for the view of each plugin in an extension
81250 Preview link of content element misses the anchor in some cases
79557 Date fields DataMapper handling problem
79718 Install tool UX: do not remove db analyzer fields before upgrade wizards were run
79900 Oracle support - Install tool - Unicode detection
79899 Oracle support - Install tool - Database connection
71775 HtmlParser: Add support to find image-resources in a picture-source-srcset
80741 Add a modern API for typolink and deprecate the old one
82774 Check license compatibility upon extension install
80975 Indexed Search form is not cacheable
18761 "ADMCMD command could not be executed!" after preview link expired
81435 Create shared, base cache configuration affectable by TYPO3_CONF_VARS
82718 Merge sys_filemetadata into ext:core
68672 setIgnoreEnableFields() should be inherited to language overlays
78500 Highlighted clickarea of cache clearing
83440 Record Statistics in Lowlevel module not working anymore
81096 Images wrongly cropped in translated pages
80245 Core contains a lot of redundant imports
83179 getSysLanguageStatement builder does not respect enable fields
83615 Specific exception in ArrayUtility::getValueByPath
82221 Copying records with "flex" fields containing FAL IRRE relations fails to move copies to new parent upon workspace publishing
75338 Replacing a youtube/vimeo video in filelist not possible
82699 Placeholder issue for the Extbase reflection foo rework
74498 PHP setlocale() should be called in \TYPO3\CMS\Lang\LanguageService::init()
79156 Wrong translation behavior for file references fields in pages/pages_language_overlay with l10n_mode = exclude
82703 Introduce doctrine/annotations to replace user defined annotations (mostly in Extbase)
77181 Translation wizard must allow passing additional data
81138 View button prepends &ADMCMD_editIcons=1 to url
82411 Breaking: refactor enumeration class
84193 Warn user in Reports module about invalid locale settings for SYS/UTF8filesystem
84196 Deprecate second controller action argument
45512 Make the type attribute optional on script, style and link elements
81657 TSFE->page contains default language page when content_fallback; 1,0 is used
84562 FE output compressed twice if zlib.output_compression and [FE][compressionLevel] is enabled and backend session exists
65265 Register flexforms with ::registerPlugin()
81273 Use matthiasmullie/minify indeed of own functions
68853 Option to create and install a very basic site package in Install Tool
79581 Add drag'n'drop feature to multi-select fields
80854 Provide a rootline object and a rootline service
84961 Remove unused constants regarding
82122 Typo3DbBackend::doLanguageAndWorkspaceOverlay ignores pages l18n_cfg
84139 l18n_cfg not respected in sysext/frontend/Classes/Page/PageRepository.php
85010 Test for intercept
84203 Support "imports" within forms setup files
82855 Update preview image of online media files on save
84777 Exception because of non existing form yaml after saving ContentElement
85172 [BUGFIX] Correctly instantiate FE users "image"-property as ObjectSto…
85177 Store localization state in database
82953 Page Module throws errors after creating translation in a stage workspace
38844 Add code list to felogin
85149 \TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\Page\PageRepository::getPage needs to care about version overlay
15339 localization fails if content is moved from other language to default language
85528 Provide target file name for FAL's SIGNAL_PreFileMove
65774 Add possibility to clear signals or remove a single slot
37951 Remove "http://" prefix from domain record domains or prevent saving the form
84522 Fix for Backend not scrollable